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10 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Summer Camp

March 11, 2016

Still figuring out whether or not to send your kids to camp? Well, we could easily think of 10 reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and let your kid(s) have the best summer!

We promise you, at camp they will:



 1. Make New Friends 


One of the main reasons to send your kids to camp is that they’ll make a bunch of new friends, from all over the world. It will open them up to different cultures even more and teach them some very valuable social skills. Free from the pressure at school, the relaxed environment of camp helps them connect with each other in a setting that encourages teamwork. It is not unusual to get friends for life out of camp and cherish some amazing memories together!




 2. Kids Reconnect With Nature 


At iCamp they’ll get back to nature! The mountainous and natural scenery of Kanchanaburi Thailand serves as the perfect backdrop and lets them experience what it’s like to live in the rhythm of nature. They’ll spend most of their time in the outdoors with clean and fresh air, which supports healthy child development.




 3. Develop Social Skills 

When living together in a small and close community, you need to learn to get along with different people. Therefore, cooperation and respect are two of the most important pillars at camp. They live in a cabin together, share chores, resolve disagreements and experience first hand the importance of communication. Teamwork is what iCamp is all about!


 4. Have Free Time For Unstructured Play 


Besides their activity schedule, they will get free time at camp, as well. They’ll get a chance to just run around and play with the friends they made. Unwinding and getting the freedom to relax or come up with ways to spend their free time will boost their independence and trigger their creativity.




 5. Grow More Independent 

At camp they’re in charge of their own schedule and they get to choose how they’ll spend the day. It will teach them to make decisions without parents or teachers constantly looking over their shoulder. It gives them a sense of responsibility and more importantly, it helps kids further develop who they are.


 6. Develop Life-Long Skills 

The activities at camp will help them become more conscious of what they like and even love to do, which will make it easier for them to figure out what they want later in life. By trying and learning new things, they will enhance their sports abilities, discover their artistic talents and explore their adventure skills. They will definitely get to push their boundaries!


 7. Unplug From Technology 

For camp, all screens will be left behind and your kids will learn to entertain themselves and others without cell phones or the internet. They will have a very welcome break from TV, video games and other technological distractions from fun! iCamp takes them back to reality where they engage with real-world people, physical activities and sincere emotions.


 8. Gain Resiliency 

The safe and welcoming environment of camp helps them endure and overcome setbacks when trying new things. They learn firsthand that practice makes perfect. They will be challenged to get out of their comfort zone and conquer their fears.


 9. Experience Success & Become More Confident 


By playing sports in a non-competitive environment, they will learn to have fun while being active and gain more confidence concerning their skills. They will find accomplishment in so many things and activities it will boost their self-esteem and help them evolve as a person. Anyone can try anything at iCamp! 




 10. Spend Their Day Being Physically Active 

Unlike at school or at home, they won’t be spending the day sitting down inside. They will be active throughout the day in so many ways; running, jumping, swimming, playing etc. And they’ll spend most of their time outside! You’ll be reunited with some healthy, happy children!


These are only 10 reasons to send your kids to camp! Still not convinced? Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns, we will gladly answer them! If you have your own reasons to send them out to camp, please do share your thoughts with us below in the comments section.


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