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Weekly Class Schedule

7:30 A.M

8:00 A.M

8:45 A.M

9:00 A.M

10:15 A.M

10:45 A.M 

Wake up



Activity 1

Break & Snack

Activity 2


12:00 P.M


Lunch & Rest


1:00 P.M

2:15 P.M

2:45 P.M

4:00 P.M

4:15 P.M

5:30 P.M

6:00 P.M

7:00 P.M

9:00 P.M


Activity 3 (Indoor Only)

Break & Snack

Activity 4 (Indoor Only)


Activity 5

Get ready for dinner


Evening Activities

Sweet dreams to campers



Arts & Craft

Painting, Drawing, Crafting, Tie-dye, Carpentry

Performing Arts


Various Dance


Rope, Silk,

Juggling, Acrobatics,

Hula Hoop


Archery, Boxing, Tennis,  Football, Bike, Basketball, Water Park, Volleyball, Softball,

*** All activity options may not be available in one week

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How To Enroll

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