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iCamp is looking for 

 Warm, nurturing, empathic people who will contribute to the sense of com- munity and well-being of campers, who range in age from 8-16, and our staff. Every staff member goes through an in-depth background check to ensure that they are the best staff we could hire.


 Every staff member is personally interviewed by the  camp's Directors. We hire staff as if they would be caring for our own children (who are at camp) so we only accept the most trustworthy and dedicated staff. 

Our staff come from

-  Thailand

-  Germany

-  United States

-  England

-  Australia

-  Hungary

-  Switzerland

-  New Zealand

-  Italy

-  Russia

-  Mexico

-  Poland

-  Wales

-  Ireland

-  France

Our international staff reflects the various nationalities of our campers. All staff go through rigorous training before the campers arrive, we teach them our proven way of making the campers feel welcomed and cared for.


Join us to explore career opportunities

To apply for a position at iCamp, please complete the job application form and email us at:

iCamp Accepts Applications and Resumes 

For all staff positions throughout the year, we do not discriminate in terms of race, gender, nationality or ethnic origins. Our specific requirements are listed below:

Orton-Gilingham Tutors:

Preferable AOGPE accredited at the Associate or Certified level, we will consider candidates working to their Associate level but confirmation of who the candidate is fellow under, needs to be confirmed.


As a counsellor at iCamp, the experiences you obtain and the friendships you develop will stay with you forever. You will have the unique opportunity to create a family atmosphere with the campers and co-counsellors who live in your cabin.


This special experience provides our counsellors with the opportunity to develop their skills in many different domains including:

>  Conflict resolution

>  Group management

>  Mentoring

 >  Leadership

>  Motivation

At iCamp We Have Two Type of Camp Counsellor Positions:

General Counsellor:

A general counsellor lives with and is responsible for campers in one of our three youngest age groups (ages 8-16). During daily activity periods, the general counsellor travels to different destinations and participates in activities with the campers. They also have an opportunity, based on their personal skills, to assist in specialty areas, where he/she may be working with campers in other age groups. General counsellors should be experienced in working with younger children.

Specialty Counsellor:

A specialty counsellor lives with campers in any of our age groups. During daily activity periods, they give instructions under the supervision of a specialty head in their area of expertise. They must be experienced not only in their activity area but must have the patience, motivation and desire to teach the campers.

*** Both General and Specialty Counsellors live in comfortable cabins (also called “bunks”) with the campers and are responsible first and foremost for the health, adjustment and happiness of the children in the bunk. All cabins have modern facilities with fully equipped bathrooms and electricity.

Key Staff:

Key staff members are part of the leadership team at iCamp. We believe that it is essential for key staff members to exhibit exemplary maturity and high levels of responsibility to create a safe, productive, and fun summer for campers and staff alike. Individuals are chosen for key staff positions because we trust that they will be good role models for campers and staff members and that they will adhere to and enforce the rules that we have established to ensure that our Camp community will thrive.

Specialty Head:

A specialty head is an individual who directs a specific activity area. This individual is responsible for the development and execution of a specific activity program and curriculum. An ideal candidate would have extensive knowledge and experience in a specific activity area and have the patience, motivation and desire to impart knowledge to staff and campers. Specialty heads must be prepared to instruct campers aged 8 to 16, and have the ability to direct and advise college-age instructors. Specialty heads work closely with the camp directors to ensure quality programming for all campers.

Housekeeping and Laundry Staff:

Our housekeeping and laundry staff consists of hard-working, detail oriented individuals who perform housekeeping tasks throughout camp to ensure all areas of camp are clean and sanitized. In addition, the housekeeping and laundry staff co-ordinate and execute all aspects of the weekly personal laundry service available to all members of the camp community.

Camp Drivers:

Our camp drivers are safe and responsible individuals who spend part of their day transporting campers and/or staff to camp related destinations. Candidates must enjoy working with children, have a valid drivers license, clean driving record and ample driving experience.

Area Head:

An area head is responsible for overseeing the campers and counsellors in a specific age group. Their daily responsibilities include overseeing the health and emotional state of each of their campers and staff, mediating and assisting in the conflict resolution process, communicating with parents on a routine basis and meeting daily with camp directors to report on each camper in their age group. The ideal candidate would be a mature, responsible person who is sensitive to the needs of the people for whom they are responsible for, able to adhere to and reinforce the rules of our community and has an objective approach to solving conflict situations that are common on camps. Area heads are usually individuals with significant experience at iCamp.

Kitchen and Dining room staff:

Our kitchen and dining room staff consists of experienced individuals responsible for the preparation and serving of meals to the campers and staff members.


Our executive chef leads a food service department consisting of two full-time bakers, two sous chefs, three prep chefs, a dining room manager, seven full-time dining room attendants and four dish and pot washers.


The ideal candidates for these positions would have kitchen or restaurant experience.

Office staff:

Our office staff are warm, personable and energetic individuals who have experience and/or skill with clerical work, public relations and basic computer usage (e.g., Microsoft Office). During the summer period, our office serves as the central communication unit of our camp. Our office staff must possess strong communication skills, the ability to work well in a fast-paced office environment and have great attention to detail.