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Education Program

It's in common agreement amongst educators that summer time is, without a doubt,

the very best time for maintaining the academic gains that have been achieved in the previous school year; whilst simultaneously preparing a child for the academic challenges in the year to come. As a parent, you play a critical role in your child's education during the summer, especially if your child is falling behind. This can be due to many reasons such as language based difficulties like "Dyslexia" or perhaps English is a "second language", or even just struggling with subjects like Math.

Without assistance and practice, kids will become increasingly likely to forget what they have learned in the previous academic year. Studies estimate that summer loss for all students equals, on average, a month of academic learning. Most likely, children with learning disabilities need even more reinforcement. At iCamp all students enrolling in the education program will be given a formal assessment at the beginning of camp to assess where they are currently and another one at the end of the camp.

What is Orton Gillingham ?

The 'OG approach' has been effectively used as a literacy intervention for over 70 years. It is evidence based, multisensory, cumulative and sequential in practice. This method ensures that students are engaging with literacy in a manner that is both explicit and appropriate for all learner styles. Furthermore, it aims to develop and enhance working memory, whilst continually challenging the student with new concepts to facilitate learning and fluency of the English language.

Our Tutors

The tutorial staff at iCamp are an exceptionally dedicated and passionate group of educators who work tirelessly to help every camper thrive. They share their expertise, creativity and commitment to help each child reach it's potential. All of our tutors are experienced 'Orton Gillingham' practitioners and are fully certified (or currently pursuing accreditation with the Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.)

What does our program entail ?

Orton Gillingham Literacy Intervention

Research has shown that the most successful intervention for dyslexia is intensive instruction in 'phonics' and 'phonemic awareness'. Our use of the 'Orton Gillingham Approach' provides precisely this. The Orton Gillingham language re-training method is a diagnostic and prescriptive program that teaches 'reading and spelling' simultaneously in a multi-sensory approach. Our tutorials are one-on-one with a trained Orton Gillingham instructor delivering a sequential, systematic and multi-sensory lesson, tailored to fit each student. Young learners will sharpen their academic skills and discover new abilities in their personalized lesson plan taught by iCamp's creative, experienced teachers. The highly respected Orton Gillingham approach to phonics, as well as practice in fundamental written language, lie at the heart of the young camper’s summer experience.


During the six week program, participants will practice basic reading skills in addition to studying Latin and Greek word parts (basic etymology) during daily Orton Gillingham phonics instruction to increase their ability to decode advanced multi-syllabic words. Reading comprehension skills will be practiced while reading an age-appropriate novel. Finally, campers will be exposed to basic syntax and structure to solidify the foundation of writing.

Multi Sensory Math Intervention

This program applies 'Orton Gillingham' multisensory instructional strategies  to mathematics. It adheres to current recommendations from the 'National Math Panel' regarding instruction for assisting those who are struggling to understand. Hands-on work with manipulative objects is recommended for all students at all ages. It enhances both concept integration and memory. This approach is especially designed for LD students and  those with conceptual gaps. It is however, an approach which is appropriate for all students. 


During this six week camp geared towards dyslexics, students will review and practice mathematical concepts appropriate to their grade level. This camp will give your child the boost they need to feel confident and competent with their mathematical skills. Campers will exercise their critical thinking skills and learn the “language” of mathematics. Writing will be incorporated each day, as well. This fun and exciting camp will include ways to master mathematical facts, imaginative models to visualize abstract  concepts, techniques for problem solving and the use of assistive technology/ computer skills.