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To help create a respectful camp living experience, it is essential that all members of our camp community understand our policies and regulations. We ask for your full cooperation in following our policies with respect to: food, phone calls, visiting, cell phones, technology, packages and valuable items.

Behavioural Protocol

Respectful behavior is expected between all people at the camp. This means between fellow campers, between campers & staff and between all staff.


Parents should not tip staff members at iCamp. Our staff members are well aware of this policy and understand that they are receiving a generous salary and should not accept tips or gifts from parents. The acceptance of any tip or gift means immediate dismissal for the staff member without exception. Please protect our staff members by not offering gratuities that tempt them with a violation of this policy.

Money at Camp

Please do not send any money with your child as the camp will cover all costs including day trips. 

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited at iCamp and will be immediately withdrawn:





any electronic communications device, including (but not limited to): cell phones, pagers, walkie-talkies, e-readers like the Kindle or Nook, iPod Touch, iPad, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Internet-enabled cameras (with either WiFi or cellular data) like the Samsung Galaxy Camera, devices connecting to the Internet or e-mail via Wi-Fi, cellular or any other means, or any other device containing a radio transceiver.

any video device, including portable DVD players or PlayStation Portable, or any other device capable of playing a video, Movie or DVD (some iPod models and other music players are fine if they contain no video or movie content)


decorative pillows, bed rugs, portable dresser units, bedskirts or dust ruffles, foam mattress pads and inflatable items.

any nuts or products that may contain nuts, including both foods as well as shampoos, conditioners, lotions and other skin care products.


Although the directors make every effort to safe-guard the belongings of every camper, camp cannot be responsible for campers’ personal property. We do not recommend that valuable items be brought to camp.


We advise parents to bring a limited amount of candy or fruit to camp on Visiting Day. The amount must be consumable during your visit as any excess is disposed of after Visiting Day. It is against camp rules to send candy or food to camp or to include it in your child’s trunk. Your compliance with this regulation will help us to maintain your child’s health and avoid bugs and animals in the cabins. Our campers have a healthy, well-balanced diet and receive a reasonable amount of candy and plenty of fresh fruit. All food and candy packages received at camp are confiscated and their contents discarded.

Bunk Gifts

You may, of course, bring a gift for your child on Visiting Day. In order to maintain the atmosphere of equality in camp, gifts for campers other than your child, including birthday favors or decor, are not permitted. Your adherence to this policy will avoid potential embarrassment. Bunk gifts will be confiscated in order that all of our children receive equal treatment from bunk parents.

Parent Travel Plans

For emergency needs, it is important that you advise us in writing of your whereabouts for the summer. Please contact us with any changes in addresses or travel itineraries. It is important to provide us with a temporary contact person who may be reached if you are unavailable. Please provide your itinerary and emergency contact information.


In the interest of minimizing excess waste and promoting a culture of fairness at camp, we have a no gift package policy. Gift packages that are sent to camp for your child will be refused and returned to the sender. If your child is missing items necessary for camp and you need to send a necessity package, this package must be approved before it is sent to camp. To receive approval for a necessity package.


Please email us at      info@icampthailand.com

and clearly note your child’s name, age group, and specific details about why you need to send a package. After you receive approval to send this package, our office staff will accept delivery of the package. Any non-approved necessity packages will be refused and returned to sender.  See “Birthdays at Camp” for details on the exception to the gift package policy for birthdays.